Singers awarded

2020年09月04日15:20  来源:山西日报

A folk song contest, which involved the participation of hundreds of singers from home and abroad, was held at Lianhuayan Scenic Area in Zuoquan county in Shanxi province on Aug 24. Organizers said the contest aimed to pay homage to the heroes who were devoted to the fight against the Japanese aggressors in the 1930s and 40s, showcase local modern development, and promote local tourist attractions. Zuoquan county was named after General Zuo Quan, a senior officer of the Chinese army who died in the county during a battle against the Japanese in 1942. The venue for the event, Lianhuayan, which literally means "lotus-shaped rocks", is an emerging tourist destination in the county. A typical danxia landform, the scenic area's major attractions include lotus-shaped rocks, cave dwellings for ancient people, rich folk culture and a variety of food.