Chongyang Festival pays homage to ancestors

2020年10月31日10:05  来源:山西日报

Local students play zeng, a stringed musical instrument, during the Shun cultural festival in Yuncheng.

Sun Decai is the vice-chairman of the Yuncheng Businesspeople Association in Shenzhen.He has been one of the event's organizers for many years.

"I have been doing business in Shenzhen,Guangdong province,for 16 years.But I would return to Yuncheng every Chongyang Festival to offer sacrifice to my ancestors,"Sun said.

Yao Xuemou,vice-chairman of the Yao Families Association,is another organizer of the celebration.

Since 2015,Yao has toured many places in the world,arranging trips for the members of Yao families worldwide to return to Yuncheng for the celebration.

"I once arranged trips for more than 1,200 people,"Yao said.

During this year's celebration,a number of role models in Yuncheng were honored for their merits.

Shangguan Weixiao,for instance,was praised as a role model for his volunteer work.

Shangguan and his fellow volunteers opened a restaurant in 2016,which has offered free breakfasts to local city cleaners for about four years.

Li Yali contributed to this story.